Energy Readings


Your aura continually reflects the condition of your physical, mental and emotional states of being.  An Energy Reading is a one hour, recorded session that provides information about these conditions and the reasons behind them.  This core information is often enlightening, providing insight and understanding to inspire life changes.  


Energy Readings involve an in-depth assessment of the seven major layers of the aura, providing present-time information about various life issues.  The Reading focuses on what influences your ability to know your truth, and addresses how present energy patterns affect your experience of yourself, of others, and of the life you create.  The Reading does not provide advice or future predictions, as each of us has the freedom and responsibility to determine what is best for ourselves.

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There are three parts to the Energy Reading; 1) Rose Reading, 2) Aura Reading and 3) Questions.

1) Rose Reading: 

This is a simple format which provides an overview of your present life experience.  Information is provided about major issue(s) related to spiritual and personal growth, and communication between you as body and spirit.

2) Aura Reading: 

The aura is the invisible energetic field that surrounds the physical body.  The appearance of the aura is unique to each individual as it is affected and shaped by reaction to life events.

Tuning into your energy field, I describe your aura and provide unbiased present-time information about what you are manifesting as spirit.  As each layer is observed, all the information that is presenting in your energy field is provided with as much detail as possible.  Each layer of the aura contains information reflecting your current experience of different life issues.  You will receive information on the colour (major vibration) and any major issue(s) present in each layer. 

3) Questions:

This is your time to ask questions that you may have brought with you or questions generated from the reading.  Because I acknowledge free will in growth, I will look at the energy around each question and provide information based on a spiritual perspective.  I do not tell you what you should do in any situation, however, enough information will be provided to help you make your own decisions.  I may look at what interferes or blocks you from moving forward in making a decision.


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A reading can help you discover the magnificent pieces of you that have been hidden for a long time.

Readings are conducted sitting opposite to each other and are initiated with a short explanation of the process.  The session is recorded and you will receive a CD of the Reading.