MI Scans


Medical Intuition (MI) is the assessment of an individual’s unique body energy to identify sources of disharmony.  MI involves seeing beyond conventional levels of awareness using supplementary insight.  Through the MI scan, the practitioner receives vital and valuable insight about an individual’s health and well being that may not be available through other means.  MI can be used to complement and increase the effectiveness of both holistic and conventional diagnosis and treatment of the body, mind and spirit.

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A Medical Intuition scan is an information-gathering tool only.  The ultimate goal of an MI scan is to help an individual to recognize his or her present state of health.  By identifying underlying physiological, emotional, mental, environmental, and/or spiritual issues it can provide a better understanding of the root of imbalance, disease, or life crisis.  An MI scan can provide in-depth insights into emotional issues that create disharmony in the energy system, thus creating disease in the physical body.  By listening to the wisdom of the body the scan characterizes what is going on in the body.

A key concept of MI is to relate information without bias, modification or judgment.  MI is not intended as a diagnosis, healing or remedy, and is not a replacement for competent medical or holistic care.  However, the information gained through MI may be communicated to other professional health practitioners to aid with diagnosis and treatment.

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Stress and disharmony at the emotional and energetic level can impact overall health and increase susceptibility to disease.  Medical Intuition can be a key to recognize this mind-body connection.  

An MI scan may identify the origin of potential or existing health problems that manifest as imbalances or blocks in the energy field before any physical sign or awareness of disharmony is detected.  Early detection can enable an individual to initiate proactive and preventative measures to reduce the progress of health conditions at the emotional/mental/energetic level before symptoms manifest as a physical disease.  Information about existing disease and how it affects the energy balance can be beneficial by stimulating new ideas and possibilities for well-being.  The body points symptomatically to whatever needs to be re-evaluated in one’s life.  Simply being aware of what the body is trying to communicate can empower the individual to initiate healing by understanding and progressing beyond perceived limitations, leading to a more vibrant life.  

Some individuals may seek safe insights that require little effort to effect life changes.  However, the MI scan may reveal information that suggests a need to make significant changes to attain better health or to avoid conditions that could lead to future disharmony.

The information gained from an MI scan can help you to choose a path of fundamental life change and positive shifts to overall health and wellness.  To achieve overall health, it is imperative to integrate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being into day-to-day living.

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Information provided by an MI scan can benefit those individuals who:

  • seek change in order to regain personal empowerment and to apply new-found knowledge to health, healing and overall well-being ;
  • are unable to find answers to health issues through conventional sources, such as medical treatment or diagnostic testing;
  • may already have a diagnosis and are looking for additional support in the healing process;
  • may have some personal intuitive recognition but seek assistance to identify and focus on some inner wisdom that the body has to communicate;
  • seek optimal holistic health.


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Upon request from you, the client, I tune into the energetic language of your body.  I attend, track, source and follow the wisdom of the body using intuitive skills developed during intensive training and experience.  This information is recorded in detail, as provided by the body, without censorship, question, interpretation or bias, in order to help identify root causes of physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual disharmony.

The MI scan follows the technique of Lori Wilson’s Body Intuition™ of Inner Access 101, which consists of three components:  Broadcast, Head to Toe, and Organs and Systems.  Broadcast is a brief overview.  During the Broadcast, I tune into the energy field and receive first impressions indicated by the body.  This may consist of one or two observations.  During the comprehensive Head to Toe section, I conduct a systematic scan throughout the body.  The scan is concluded with a focus on the Organs and Systems, where the body has an opportunity to share further information that may not have shown up previously.  This process is not invasive nor will it affect you in any way.  

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A signed consent form and fee payment is required prior to scheduling the MI scan.  All bookings must be paid for in advance of the scan either through on-line banking transfer or by cheque.

The body scan takes approximately two hours and is done at a distance; there is no need to be physically present for the scan.  A one-hour follow-up appointment is scheduled with you, either by phone or in person, to provide the results of the scan.

The follow-up appointment is primarily to communicate the scan results, but a few minutes may be used to ask the body for clarification or to answer further questions.  This session is recorded for you to provide a clear record of the information for future reference.  You are strongly encouraged to transcribe the information accurately.  This written record may also be useful if the information is to be conveyed to other health care professionals.  My notes will not be copied for the client.